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I didn't meet Angela until my final few months in Long Island Beauty School. Up until then I developed basic hair cutting, color and style techniques. It was in her class that she really took the time to explain and demonstrate to me the more intricate skills it takes to really be a hair dresser. Through every day she personally went out of her way to teach me and my classmates one on one for a much firmer understanding. Her passion for what she loves is only paralleled by her character and drive to pass along her expertise to others! I'm very much looking forward to taking her extensions course and excelling my career as a cosmetologist! I wouldn't be where I am today without Angela!

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I first met Angela when I started school and I could just see the passion she had for this industry just by the way she spoke about it. She has inspired me to go above and beyond, with everything I do. Angela has always showed huge support and taught me different ways to broaden my thinking in the cosmetology world. We found my lead with extensions and it has changed my outlook with everything. I couldn't thank her enough on everything she has done and she truly is my role model not just as my teacher but as an overall person. Her motivation and passion makes it all worth it and I always know she always has open arms to help me succeed in anything I do and I appreciate every bit of it.

The day Ms. Angela came in to my school for a demo about hair extensions was the day I realized my true passion for this industry. I signed up for her class right away. Taking her class you not only learn about all the different techniques and benefits of hair extensions, you gain as much love, passion, and motivation that she has for what she does. Since taking her class so many doors have opened for me, and I have her to thank for that!

Taking Ms. Angelas extension certification class was a turning point for me. Inspired by her knowledge, accuracy and passion, I'm able to offer my clients amazing solutions that are damage free! The extra revenue is great too.

I took an extension course 3 years ago with Angela and she helped me find new ways to grow my business. Recently I took her class to update my skills and learn new techniques, she is an amazing teacher with incredible knowledge on safety of hair and how to properly apply and remove all different types of extensions. With the knowledge I've gained from her classes I've been able to reach out to a new client base to take my business to the next level. I would recommend her to everyone!

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Seriously thank you so much for having faith In me when I felt I didn't. You helped me realize that I owed it to my talent and art to put in the work. I'm so happy I could cry, thank you. Thank you so much. You're like the good witch from wizard of oz, I didn't need a hot air balloon to get home all I has to do was click my heels 3 times. I had it in me all along and you helped bring that out. Love you!

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